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  1. Do you allow pets?

    We do not allow any pets in our rental properties.

  2. How long of a lease do I have to sign?

    Our contract term is for a minimum of 10 months for apartments or 12 months for houses and duplexes.  A termination fee of two months rent and forfiture of deposit will be charged if Tenant(s) do not fulfill the term of the contract.

  3. When is rent due?

    Rent is due the first day of each month.  A five day grace period is allowed to accomodate weekends and holidays.  After the fifth day, a late fee is required.

  4. Will my deposit be returned?

    A "standard" clearning fee is deducted from all deposits and varies by apartment size.  In addition, after you have vacated the property it will be inspected for damages outside of normal wear and tear.  Should any damages be found, the cost for making necessary repairs will also be deducted from your deposit.

  5. What happens if I break the lease agreement?

    Breaking any of the lease stipulations may result in eviction.

  6. Am I responsible for maintenance?

    Tenants are only responsible for changing their light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries. All other maintenance issues should be called into the office.  Repairs are usually performed or problems resolved on the same day.

  7. Is there an application fee?

    Due to the fees charged by companies offering credit and criminal background checks, there is an Application fee for each prospective tenant.